Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the funnies + the story of my life part one-TwO iN oNe

The Funnies-bottom three:POSE!  i did it! good or not, hope you like it! in-the-middle Three: GOTCHA! i hope i win.  PLZ i want dat!  Top Two: wishes for the past.  pet party! now... time for the story.Once Upon A Time a newborn jammer was born. she left her mother at the end  of the first month she was born. and then i had my own den but my moms den had a fire!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sad thing is that she got super hurt:( =(..)= makes sad animal face. Then i was in jamaa township, and a BIG FIRE came, whoo! that was close! cuz i ran to my den  2011.as years pasted ,from my first year to this year. i got more and more and more animals 2012 .A super duper dragon came it stepted on mira, zios, and the shamans. (but still alive.) 2013. all this year we will have parties.2014.~i will post part two!~elizaboo1104

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