Tuesday, September 18, 2012

About crazy myself.

hi jammers!! this is about me on animal jam 

about me on animal jam:  how i joined animal jam: once  i was playing on girls go games, a site for girls to play games, and i saw a thing that had a pic of a tiger and a spider. and it said "animal jam play now!" i clicked it and made my animal. it was in February/March 2011. my animal jam pet peeves:

  • scammers, because the nasty scams they do is that they want to be famous.
  • imposters,they want to be famous too. Nasty creepy  imposters and scammers!! 
  • hackers, Omg! they  just wanna be famous!nasty creepy scammers imposters and hackers!!
  • when people chat like this "blah doodle gimme that stuff!!".
  • when people say mean words
  • when people fight over a silly trade.
when people say "jail at my den".

  • when people spell the s word with pillows.
that is it!!  bye jammers!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The sassy catz

the sassy catz, a new story on my blog is here!         chapter 1:                                                                 one day =(..)=sally, the pretty cat was playing with=(..)=sabani, her brother and then,=(..)=mia, her bff, knocked at the door.Lets see what happens on chapter 2!!                                                                                           chapter 2                                                                   mia came with =(..)=purplegirl. her sis. she said"MEOW!!!".lets see what happens on chapter 3 in next post!!!!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tips For September and more!

table of tips

  1. labor day
  2. last day of summer :(
  3. first day of september o
  4. new jamaa  times
  5. last day

labor day

  • dress up in112eee11
  • go to jamaa township and say " LABOR DAY PARTY AT  MY DEN!".

see more next day! 
new jamaa times:

jamaa times  
lost pet: Quickchip  my green kitty.
Dear quickchip, I know people called you "sick kitty".i got rid of him for a new pet.
i got him back git your animal jam phone and call or send me  a note.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

extra post

etamaed namoi canna! (thats jammanesse). it says: hello jammers today! 
mynosear faveio animalina isc a catia. is my fave animal is a cat.

time machine!
this was in june/july.  it was my own party. thank you for coming my pets!
purplegirl loves quickchip. 

back to POSTING other things!   

wwweeewwewweweeweeweweeeeweweeweww loooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng thinggggggggggggggggg!  

 ok now a story! it is called this: superjammers! 1:Xx Saving The kitties xX.

Once in jamaa, some newborn kitties had been dancing in my yard for 8 days.  i went to miss stinkypaw`s den and said: hey kitties are in my yard!   we went to princess cutepaw`s den. and we went  to prince scarylion`s den.  we went to  fairy fancyflower`s den we looked in my yard.  'mew!' said the purplegirl THEY ARE MY CATS!!!!!! the great cat-eating monster was walking it did not see us! we ran into our home we went to my room. lights are off, monster will not see us! whew, that was close! and the cat-eating monster eater came.  we all said " PIZZA PERFECT!".  
what dose that mean? said a manatee in front of us. it means we need pizza i said. 
the end!~thanks superclan!