Friday, August 24, 2012

and more and more stories!

Once  in jamaa river, my pet purplegirl went to swim. i was at home sleeping.she swam on and on soon... SHE SANK IN DEEP BLUE!!! when i woke up and the  other superclan members heard the news we heard some seals saying "who`s kitten is this?". we ran. and then swam soon we saw purplegirl down at the bottom. OH NO! the fangtooth is coming! i got her and swam we are home! ~elizaboo1104`s superclan news.  

nasberry woods cat show!
after we went to the cat show, we did the glitch!
One day i was reading jamaa times, my local newspaper i saw a thing that said "NASBERRY WOODS CAT SHOW! COME PLEASE!"it was on the date of "AUGUST 8TH!". i got to go(cuz it was on my day off of work.)my pet won! we were in the next jamaa times!~elizaboo1104`s is a pic of jamaa times:
JAMAA TIMES cat show winner!
hi, my name is elizaboo1104 i took my cat to the nasberry woods cat show. i love cats! 

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