Saturday, August 25, 2012


joke -O- time!
what  do we eat on friday?winner will get to go  

to the past party for the contest. 

scam club! learn about the pesky scammers!
eeit`s my b-day! send me items!
you can see this scam most in jamaa township.some people are lying SO DO NOT DO IT!
same above stuff or if they say"im new and poor send me items!" YES DO IT.
some people are lying too.DO NOT TRY A RARE FOR THIS! trade them a random item that you do not need.
eethe code trick scam
people in jamaa township sometimes say this"come to my den for lion code!" if you come to there den, and they say"send me a rare!" escape from them!
eethe scam-n-hack
Some people hack and make you a scammer. duh! never give out your password!
eecontest cheat
if sombody says"SEND ME A RARE AND I WILL SEND YOU MY__!" do not do it!  beware of gugtin, a CONTEST CHEAT scammer
eethe fake aj hq workers
picture this: your username was poodAS1101. and you say"SEND ME RARES! if you do not i will ban you or take away your membership! i work for aj hq!"  do not TRY THIS!
eeglitch people and scammers
i love glitches, but i dislike scammers.and i was walking around in jamaa township and somebody says"GLITCH PARTY MY DEN" and i came the owner says "I NEED A RARE FOR THE GLITCH!" leave and do a glitch you know.-claps- you know about the scammers!

funny aj pics

don't giggle

elizaboo1104: mommy are you almost here?
mommy: yes!

Friday, August 24, 2012

purplegirl`s post

hello! my name is puplegirl,you may have seen me in other posts. but i asked elizaboo1104 to make people my OWN post. i love art i dislike big mean old dogs. i the only kind of dog i like is little puppies. i am a lucky girl because i am elizaboo1104`s first pet. here is some of my art:
kitty cat.
animal jam ROCKS!

map of jamaa.
cokicoki(the cat).

 PURPLEgirl`s post   more about me.  ok i love to play. i like typing silly nonsence on the computer and laptop. like this: bongjfhhffffn or fiffiee.when elizaboo1104 is gone i do all the things that she needs to do at home. see you in jamaa because i have to check elizaboo1104`s e-mail.

and more and more stories!

Once  in jamaa river, my pet purplegirl went to swim. i was at home sleeping.she swam on and on soon... SHE SANK IN DEEP BLUE!!! when i woke up and the  other superclan members heard the news we heard some seals saying "who`s kitten is this?". we ran. and then swam soon we saw purplegirl down at the bottom. OH NO! the fangtooth is coming! i got her and swam we are home! ~elizaboo1104`s superclan news.  

nasberry woods cat show!
after we went to the cat show, we did the glitch!
One day i was reading jamaa times, my local newspaper i saw a thing that said "NASBERRY WOODS CAT SHOW! COME PLEASE!"it was on the date of "AUGUST 8TH!". i got to go(cuz it was on my day off of work.)my pet won! we were in the next jamaa times!~elizaboo1104`s is a pic of jamaa times:
JAMAA TIMES cat show winner!
hi, my name is elizaboo1104 i took my cat to the nasberry woods cat show. i love cats! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

SuperClan and more

ok, class lets move on!
hello jammers! im not at school now, im just making parties, stories, SuperClan, LittleClans and more!ok now class look at this: color  ok time for lunch! after lunch it was time to go. ok  now a story. it is called  miss stinkypaw`s clan. it talks about SuperClan and LittleClans.:(drumroll) One time i was in jamaa township. My friend  miss stinkypaw, said  CLAN IN MY DEN COME PLZ! i came, and  not her but STRANGERS giggeled . and said  " HA HA STRANGER WE WILL SCAM YOU! and hack you!" NO i yelled. and if that happens in our clan REPORT THEM!  but when miss stinkypaw came, they did it to her! when it came to the end she said"go!" and the strangers ran.  elizaboo1104: sorry and story of my life part two

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

bye-bye summer party

when: sept 21. dress: summer style time: 3 o clock.

smb (some more blogs)

animal jam spirit blog for the jammers:animal jam flash:  animal jam lop  ANIMAL JAM FREEDOM:animal jam life ANIMAL JAM INSIDERS animal jam tornado animal jam jelly!

1st contest: long ago.........

  • hello! to make this blog fun we need a contest!!!!!!  1:who made mira?  2: what is the first pets? 3: what was animal jam`s first year?  4:are shamans coming back? 5: was  the pesky scammers playing back in beta? 6: when did the trading system come out? ok...... the prizes are winter blanket purple tiger plush  .............. grand winner`s prize A BIG PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dress like the past in jamaa.

just little things..........

  1. hello!i got a poem called wox. *WOX* i got a wolf, i got a fox together we get a *wox*! now one called cog. *COG* i got a cat, i got a dog together we get a  COG! mwahaha

sorry! and the story of my life part two

Hello! i am super sorry,   but im going to school everyday.  so i posted, time for the story:so i was sitting on my seat.  i heard a KA-BOOSH!!!!!! 2015 .ok ?  wuts dat? huh? it got mixed up! now im gonna fix ok, lets go on.2016. i did not know what that sound from two years ago was, but now i know. THE DRAGON SMASHED A POP BOTTLE!! :D yay!  oh it was not a fire!2017oh oh yay ya yay ya! party all the time this year! 
ok i will do a SUPER close party: i will let you know as soon as we know when it will be!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

want your own animal look?

pics to help...................>

all ya do is comment!
hi! here you can pick your own animal style. ask me how you want a cool new look. and see if you like it.

the funnies + the story of my life part one-TwO iN oNe

The Funnies-bottom three:POSE!  i did it! good or not, hope you like it! in-the-middle Three: GOTCHA! i hope i win.  PLZ i want dat!  Top Two: wishes for the past.  pet party! now... time for the story.Once Upon A Time a newborn jammer was born. she left her mother at the end  of the first month she was born. and then i had my own den but my moms den had a fire!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sad thing is that she got super hurt:( =(..)= makes sad animal face. Then i was in jamaa township, and a BIG FIRE came, whoo! that was close! cuz i ran to my den years pasted ,from my first year to this year. i got more and more and more animals 2012 .A super duper dragon came it stepted on mira, zios, and the shamans. (but still alive.) 2013. all this year we will have parties.2014.~i will post part two!~elizaboo1104

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

my first parties!

my b-day party: november 4. color:pink blue or purrrple (that is how cats say it).where: my den and zios. please come!and i will say the time on day of the party on the day of the phantoms.

This is my new signature, it's me sky waying in Zios!:3 :) :D :P