Saturday, August 25, 2012


joke -O- time!
what  do we eat on friday?winner will get to go  

to the past party for the contest. 

scam club! learn about the pesky scammers!
eeit`s my b-day! send me items!
you can see this scam most in jamaa township.some people are lying SO DO NOT DO IT!
same above stuff or if they say"im new and poor send me items!" YES DO IT.
some people are lying too.DO NOT TRY A RARE FOR THIS! trade them a random item that you do not need.
eethe code trick scam
people in jamaa township sometimes say this"come to my den for lion code!" if you come to there den, and they say"send me a rare!" escape from them!
eethe scam-n-hack
Some people hack and make you a scammer. duh! never give out your password!
eecontest cheat
if sombody says"SEND ME A RARE AND I WILL SEND YOU MY__!" do not do it!  beware of gugtin, a CONTEST CHEAT scammer
eethe fake aj hq workers
picture this: your username was poodAS1101. and you say"SEND ME RARES! if you do not i will ban you or take away your membership! i work for aj hq!"  do not TRY THIS!
eeglitch people and scammers
i love glitches, but i dislike scammers.and i was walking around in jamaa township and somebody says"GLITCH PARTY MY DEN" and i came the owner says "I NEED A RARE FOR THE GLITCH!" leave and do a glitch you know.-claps- you know about the scammers!

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