Thursday, August 23, 2012

SuperClan and more

ok, class lets move on!
hello jammers! im not at school now, im just making parties, stories, SuperClan, LittleClans and more!ok now class look at this: color  ok time for lunch! after lunch it was time to go. ok  now a story. it is called  miss stinkypaw`s clan. it talks about SuperClan and LittleClans.:(drumroll) One time i was in jamaa township. My friend  miss stinkypaw, said  CLAN IN MY DEN COME PLZ! i came, and  not her but STRANGERS giggeled . and said  " HA HA STRANGER WE WILL SCAM YOU! and hack you!" NO i yelled. and if that happens in our clan REPORT THEM!  but when miss stinkypaw came, they did it to her! when it came to the end she said"go!" and the strangers ran.  elizaboo1104: sorry and story of my life part two

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