Friday, August 24, 2012

purplegirl`s post

hello! my name is puplegirl,you may have seen me in other posts. but i asked elizaboo1104 to make people my OWN post. i love art i dislike big mean old dogs. i the only kind of dog i like is little puppies. i am a lucky girl because i am elizaboo1104`s first pet. here is some of my art:
kitty cat.
animal jam ROCKS!

map of jamaa.
cokicoki(the cat).

 PURPLEgirl`s post   more about me.  ok i love to play. i like typing silly nonsence on the computer and laptop. like this: bongjfhhffffn or fiffiee.when elizaboo1104 is gone i do all the things that she needs to do at home. see you in jamaa because i have to check elizaboo1104`s e-mail.

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