Thursday, June 28, 2012

My new pets!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

aj time machine

August 2011 i was SO sad because my cat bff is GOING AWAY! his name was jack we rescued him and had to find a home for him. i was sad because he had to go away but i was happy he found a good home. I went on AJ and announced that he was going and i used those faces to show how i was feeling. I used the broken heart and sad face. my mom took this picture. this is how i looked last summer in AJ! the other picture is jack isn't he cute!

coming soon: the other parts of time machine and new summer stuff like my costume clan!

Oh and i will update on the butterfly project too. they are gone now boo hoo. we released them i will post pics of them another day.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

caterpillar to butterfly part 4

On day 8 they got BIIIIGGGER!

 They were crawling all around and I think they were getting ready to make a chrysalis. I was right because the next day one of them WAS a chrysalis!

On Day 10 all but two of them were chrysalis. One of them was hanging on the top getting ready but the other was not. I was sad, but that one died. I don't why, maybe it didn't eat enough food or something. The one that looks like the letter J is working on being a chrysalis!

Here they are today on Day 12, today! There are 7 chrysalises. Four of them fell off the filter, but we put them on another filter like the instructions said. We have to wait....and wait...a few more days, maybe a week until they are ready to be butterflies!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Carnival on Animal Jam is here

It's finally here! it is cool! you play cool games to win tickets. You can buy pet plushies and special clothing with the tickets. I want this giant pink or purple cat plushie but it is 10000 tickets! That's a lot of games of phantom ball! You get there by clicking on the parties. It's always on, so you can go anytime!
Phantom Ball
Games cost 5 gems

caterpillar to butterfly part 3

Every day the caterpillars get bigger and fatter! They are kind of brown on the bottom and are blackish-brown on the top. They are furry and tickle when you hold them! (I only did this one time because it is not good for them to keep opening the container). Their feet are sticky, it helps them crawl when they are upside down.
It's fun watching them grow. Sometimes they crawl up on the top, but mostly just EAT and crawl on the sides. It is Day 7 and they should be turning into chrysalises soon!
Day 5. Getting bigger and fatter!
Day 6. They are getting HUGE!

Day 7. They are ENORMOUS!
This guy was as long as my thumb!

I'm enjoying this project because it is fun to watch them get bigger and crawl around. I hope they turn into butterflies soon but I will miss them being caterpillars. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

caterpillar to butterfly part 2

This is me looking at one of the caterpillar containers on Day 2. Two were being silly and kept climbing on top of the filter. It's not safe for them and they can't get to their food-that brown stuff on the bottom-so we replaced the filter. When we took off the top one crawled all the way out onto the counter!
They were already bigger than the day we got them. They were crawling all over on this day!

Here they are today. This is day 4. We didn't see them yesterday because we were out of town, but when we saw them today they were even bigger. They're fatter and really furry, too! They are a little lazy right now but they are still alive except one. That makes me really sad but we still have 8  and that's a lot. I hope they all make it to turn into butterflies!

Well, that's all for today about the caterpillars!

Friday, June 1, 2012

June Member outfit

Here's my new Animal Jam outfit that I think goes with the June member gift, a dragon glove. It's a fun and silly costume, great for the spooky party. It is made with dragon wings, bat glasses, the dragon glove, and a rare heart locket.

caterpillar to butterfly part 1

This  is a story about my brand new caterpillars that will turn into painted lady butterflies. There are 9 caterpillars I hope they all turn into butterflies! I will post more pictures when they grow and turn into chrysalis. I can't wait until they turn into butterflies. I have a butterfly garden at home that i hope they will like to hang out at.

Yesterday was my last day of kindergarten. I will be a first grader in the fall. I miss my friends but I am excited.

My mom is typing this for me since I can't type very fast! I tell her what to say and she types for me. LOL