Thursday, June 14, 2012

caterpillar to butterfly part 4

On day 8 they got BIIIIGGGER!

 They were crawling all around and I think they were getting ready to make a chrysalis. I was right because the next day one of them WAS a chrysalis!

On Day 10 all but two of them were chrysalis. One of them was hanging on the top getting ready but the other was not. I was sad, but that one died. I don't why, maybe it didn't eat enough food or something. The one that looks like the letter J is working on being a chrysalis!

Here they are today on Day 12, today! There are 7 chrysalises. Four of them fell off the filter, but we put them on another filter like the instructions said. We have to wait....and wait...a few more days, maybe a week until they are ready to be butterflies!

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