Monday, June 4, 2012

caterpillar to butterfly part 2

This is me looking at one of the caterpillar containers on Day 2. Two were being silly and kept climbing on top of the filter. It's not safe for them and they can't get to their food-that brown stuff on the bottom-so we replaced the filter. When we took off the top one crawled all the way out onto the counter!
They were already bigger than the day we got them. They were crawling all over on this day!

Here they are today. This is day 4. We didn't see them yesterday because we were out of town, but when we saw them today they were even bigger. They're fatter and really furry, too! They are a little lazy right now but they are still alive except one. That makes me really sad but we still have 8  and that's a lot. I hope they all make it to turn into butterflies!

Well, that's all for today about the caterpillars!

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