Thursday, June 7, 2012

caterpillar to butterfly part 3

Every day the caterpillars get bigger and fatter! They are kind of brown on the bottom and are blackish-brown on the top. They are furry and tickle when you hold them! (I only did this one time because it is not good for them to keep opening the container). Their feet are sticky, it helps them crawl when they are upside down.
It's fun watching them grow. Sometimes they crawl up on the top, but mostly just EAT and crawl on the sides. It is Day 7 and they should be turning into chrysalises soon!
Day 5. Getting bigger and fatter!
Day 6. They are getting HUGE!

Day 7. They are ENORMOUS!
This guy was as long as my thumb!

I'm enjoying this project because it is fun to watch them get bigger and crawl around. I hope they turn into butterflies soon but I will miss them being caterpillars. 

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