Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Rare Race~ A Short Animal Jam Lesson.

                                  Told by Elizaboo1104
                              *This is just fiction. If your name is in the story, it is NOT you.
                                Bold words are important words.Not above.
                                 I am not a scammer.
                                  Chapter 1
Long ago, in Beta Days, Queen  Prettywolf was a happy jammer. She enjoyed hanging out with her buddies, hosting parties and just hanging out. Back then, it was fair. No scammers, hackers and cheaters. I was not playing back then. Good times, good times.
Next chapter: Little did Queen know, a change was coming.

                                    Chapter 2

Months later, I was decorating my den. I got a membership.Queen was my good friend. She helped me. When most rares were out of stock, she went crazy. Then, it got intense. She said "I have to go for a second." (BRB was not popular in 2011.). I saw her saying "Rare Race At My Den!".
Next chapter: What in Jamaa IS a Rare Race?

                                     Chapter 3 

 Unluckily, her buddy Duchess Snowygirl came. Queen had made storages to come. She said "Trade me within 10 minutes. go!" Little did Duchess know, she just traded the same person.They all replied with a " Thank You!" One even said "Gracias!", "Grazie!" (in Italian.).
Next chapter: Can Duchess find out why?

                                        Chapter 4
                                   Looooong chapter!
"Times up!" Hollered Queen. When Duchess left, she wondered why she didn't get any items.Queen quickly swapped items.
---------> 2014
0 0
  O was Duchess's reaction. I came over and said " What is wrong, Duchess?". Her reply was " I think I have fleas." I said " Tell me the truth. That is what friends are for." She sighed. " Ok, I got scammed in 2011." " By whom?" I said. "Queen  Prettywolf." Was her reply. I was shocked. I reported her, and she got banned.

            The End!

Glossary coming later!

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