Thursday, October 11, 2012

just for fun!

this is a page for fun games,stories, and more!!

OnE OF the crazy JAMMERS!!!


ONCE UPON A TIME....THE kitties came.and they did stuff BAD when mom was gone. they ALL did it exept sally, the pretty girl cat.

"oh no!"said mom.

 the end!!

okay now...Joke-O-Time!! 
what do you get when you get a cat crossed with a parrot? 

okay now....                           the...                             time of SILLYNESS!!!
it is this:
Now what? the monster is always in monster in my closet!!!!!!!!!
okay now tips:
  • once you click the monkey window and the lab door a few times you can walk in air!
  • you can use buttons in the map,it takes you to shops,and movies.
  • climb up the appondale tree and you are in the leafs of the tree.
    • once you CLICK a place like sol arcade,the lab, claws-n- paws, you go to the place.

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