Tuesday, September 18, 2012

About crazy myself.

hi jammers!! this is about me on animal jam 

about me on animal jam:  how i joined animal jam: once  i was playing on girls go games, a site for girls to play games, and i saw a thing that had a pic of a tiger and a spider. and it said "animal jam play now!" i clicked it and made my animal. it was in February/March 2011. my animal jam pet peeves:

  • scammers, because the nasty scams they do is that they want to be famous.
  • imposters,they want to be famous too. Nasty creepy  imposters and scammers!! 
  • hackers, Omg! they  just wanna be famous!nasty creepy scammers imposters and hackers!!
  • when people chat like this "blah doodle gimme that stuff!!".
  • when people say mean words
  • when people fight over a silly trade.
when people say "jail at my den".

  • when people spell the s word with pillows.
that is it!!  bye jammers!!!!

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